Trending now? Metallics

Jeremiah s

Posted on December 11 2017

Trending now? Metallics

Yes, metallics are very trendy and I could not resist to add a collection of it. We are seeing them on clothes as well as nail polish, home decor, shoes and of course, what comes with shoes comes with handbags.

We saw some metallics during the 90s. It's been a few years since then, but all comes back again, even the super models from that time are back wearing the new metallic designs from Donatella Versace.

But, this year some metallics come in a pack of three. Let's explain. Yes, we are seeing lots of different colors in metallics: teals, purples, maroons, greens, reds, etc. They are all beautiful. But the ones that rule the show are GOLD, SILVER and ROSE.

The soft blush rose has been trendy for a few seasons now, but now it is making a bigger impact on jewelry, home decor and metallics.

You can choose to wear one of these colors on its own, or you can find a piece that has all three together. Either or, if you want to stay on trend, you will make some room in your wardrobe for one of these.

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