About us

Day's Eye was created by Spanish born, Margarida Kessens. After completing her Bachelors’ Degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she worked several years in the textile and fashion industry.  She moved to Kansas City to embrace time as a mother of two boys in 2008, and welcomed her 3rd son in 2011. After several years of searching for a stylish, high quality handbag that could be easily converted to a backpack, she launched Day's Eye, LLC.

Why the name Day's Eye?

The Catalan name of Margarida is translated in English as Daisy. 
Daisy comes from the Old English word Day's Eye, pronounced dægeseage.


Margarida was born in Tarragona, once a capital of the Roman Empire on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. She grew up in Valls, a small town 20km northwest of Tarragona dating back to the second half of the XII century. 
Margarida spends most of the Summers there with her family enjoying the catalan food and culture.

Our Product

Day's Eye handbags are designed to carry the daily necessities of a busy woman without the hassle of items falling out of the handbag. As the day goes by, Day's Eye handbags might change from shoulder, hand, cross body or backpack, all depending on your style and daily needs. Day's Eye commits to a high-quality handbag with unique and practical simple luxurious style.

Day's Eye handbags are carefully manufactured by experienced artisans. Made in Barcelona, Spain, Day's Eye handbags are made of the finest leather materials from Spain and Italy.  Day's Eye hardware is free of chemical substances such as lead, nickel and cadmium, and they follow the recommendations published by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) Annex XIV.    www.echa.europa.eu