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Our Founder

Margarida Kessens is from Valls, a small town south east of Catalonia, Spain. She received her BA in Product & Management Textiles at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and went on to work in the fashion and textile industry for many years before settling with her family in Kansas City.  Juggling with the everyday life and her three kids in Kansas City she struggled to find a stylish handbag that could be converted into something as versatile as a backpack. It was with this lack in the fashion industry that she went on to create Day’s Eye, LLC.

Our Founder

Day’s Eye Daisy

Our founder’s name Margarida translates into English as Daisy. At first glance, Daisy and Day’s Eye are very different words.  However, “Day’s Eye” is the new English translation of “dægeseage,” which is the Old English word for daisy.  These particular flowers were initially called “day’s eye” because of their tendency to close their petals at the end of the day and reopen them as the sun rises.  It is for this reason that “Day’s Eye” would be used to represent the brand.  Each day when a woman wakes, she prepares for what is ahead of her.  Going from the office to the supermarket, holding little ones hands, to evenings out with girlfriends.  With all these aspects in mind, Day’s Eye created our line of handbags: unique and versatile designed to effortlessly transition you from one activity to the next.

Our Products

All Day's Eye handbags are high-end designs that provide women with high-fashion pieces.  Easily to match with a woman's wardrobe, our handbags can change from shoulder, hand, cross body or backpack depending on your style and daily needs. 

Day's Eye commits to high-quality handbags that are unique and practical, while keeping their luxurious style.

Made in Barcelona, Day's Eye handbags are crafted with the finest Spanish and Italian leather. We provide long-lasting, well crafted, top quality products. Our products include a selection of purses, satchel handbags, drawstring-style bags, clutches with cross-body straps, convertible handbags, bags for electronic devices, wallets, earrings and gloves.


There are endless reasons to upgrade to a Day’s Eye top-quality and functional handbag.

Deluxe Convertible Handbag

Check out our latest collection and elevate your wardrobe!

*The hardware used in our products are free of chemical substances such as lead, nickel and cadmium, and they follow the recommendations published by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) Annex XIV. www.echa.europa.eu


A brown leather weekender for everyday.

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