Care Instructions

Even though our leathers are treated for handbag use and water protection, please follow our care instructions for a beautiful, long lasting handbag.  


Patent Leather

Patent leather is a high-gloss finish given to the leather and is very easy to take care off.

Before any cleaning, please empty the bag and fill it to shape it out with paper or a clean cloth. You can use any Patent Leather base solution on the market for a shiny polish gloss or simply use a microfiber cloth. (If using a base solutions product, please always use caution and test a very small area first.)

To remove any stains, use a damp cloth and dry it with a microfiber cloth.


Suede Leather

Be aware that dark colors on suede might transfer or darken slightly when rubbed with light colors or other materials.

Suede is more flexible than other type of leathers. Suede's nappy surface abraides easily and often makes it more difficult to clean. 

If the product gets wet, remove any residual water with a dry cloth and allow naturally to dry. If any water marks remain, brush the leather with a soft suede brush. If stains still remain, please visit a care professional for cleaning.


Smooth Calf Leather (including geometrical designs)

With use, leather will develope some creases and some color might migrate adding more to the beauty and charm of the leather handbag. This is a natural and unique characteristic of leather which enhances the handbag appearance as a whole.

If the product gets wet, please remove any water with a drying cloth and allow it to dry naturally. If it leaves any marks or gets scratched you can use any leather cream (please use a natural one or one that matches the color of the handbag) and apply to the affected area. Follow by polishing it with a cotton or microfiber cloth to remove any basis before use. Always use caution and test a small area first.



Our faux-fur is made of 100% polyester. In case that the handbag gets wet, remove any water with a clean cloth and allow it to dry naturally.  Once is dry, move the hair with your fingers to get the same hair direction. To remove any stains, use a damp cloth and follow by drying it.


We highly encourage you to store Day's Eye handbags with our dust bag.  Use some paper tissue inside to reshape the bag for over long storage periods and keep it away from heat and wet conditions.








A brown leather weekender for everyday.

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