This is the Season for Red and Black

Jeremiah s

Posted on December 05 2017

This is the Season for Red and Black

RED, designed with passion. The holidays are approaching, and red is the color of the season. But red is always in fashion: from head to toe, to simple accents. Red will make you stand out. It will make heads turn and get you the biggest complements. Yes, red attracts attention. I said that before, and yes, you are probably tired of hearing me saying it all over again. But I take pride when one of my customers shoots me a message, or calls me to tell me that she got stopped so many times because she was wearing one of my red handbags.

BLACK, designed with elegance. If red is too much, do not worry. Day's Eye gives you an alternative: BLACK. It goes with everything and looks elegant. Besides, if you decide to go with a red dress, you do not want to overdo it with your purse. Easier to match with shoes and any outfit.

Day's Eye RED and BLACK Flamenco Collection has a variety of styles. From briefcases, to satchels, to messengers, to drawstrings to fanny pads (we call them saddle belts). 

The Flamenco collection is designed with passion, elegance and attitude. Because that is how they do things in Spain.

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