The making of Day's Eye handbags

Margarida Kessens

Posted on January 04 2018

The making of Day's Eye handbags

Happy New Year

2017 was full of exciting opportunities and learning experiences for Day’s Eye. Looking back at the highlights of the year, I think the most memorable time was attending the Holiday Boutique Show in Overland Park. Being able to explain and show how Day’s Eye handbags function and convert was exhilarating. At the same time, I really enjoyed talking to people and learn about their likings. 

We all have different preferences in handbags that influence our purchases. Some people like them big and some small. Some like them with lots of pockets, some with none. Some prefer vegan, some leather, and to others, material does not matter. Some people think they are expensive, while others a good value. Some have a budget, some not. Some prefer to stand out from the ordinary, some want to carry a well-known brand, and nearly everyone prefers to buy what they fall in love with.

Which type of buyer are you? … (comment and let us know)

Most people loved my handbags at the Holiday Boutique. When they touched Day’s Eye handbags, they were impressed by the soft feel, and they were equally amazed by the different ways you can wear them. My handbags are convertible. Most of them turn to backpacks, but the way I design them, you will never even think they are backpacks. And most definitely you don’t have to wear them as backpacks. 

Day’s Eye handbags are unique and every one is produced in limited quantities. I design them myself and fly to Spain to find the finest, softest and coolest leather. I work closely with a workshop there for each handbag, crafting them one at a time until we achieve the look and design in my mind’s eye.

Many of you have asked how Day’s Eye handbags are made. So, here it is! Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to comment!

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