Which is your handbag carrying style?

Margarida Kessens

Posted on April 20 2017

Which is your handbag carrying style?

 A handbag says a lot about a person. The style, brand or way we carry it may describe some of our personalities. I just came upon a pretty cool Pinterest pin that I want to share.

If you notice, there is one missing. My favorite of all: the BACKPACK style.

What kind of personality they attribute to people wearing a backpack? Well, according to an article by the Look in the UK, author of The Body Language Bible Judi James describes people wearing backpacks as

• Eternal students
• Spontaneous and living in a state of orderly or disorderly chaos 
• The overall sense of style rarely moves beyond the casual 
• Loves change and is always on the move

Interesting points, confused by the second one however.

Which one describes you best from all the above?

If you need some help, here are a couple questionnaires that I found and thought were fun to take.  To my surprise, both gave me the right answers.



Day’s Eye Diana Tote Convertible handbag can be worn most of these ways.   Which way will you wear it?

Show us your style on Instagram and share it with #dayseyehandbag 

Let’s keep it rolling


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