The Laptop Convertible Bag

Margarida Kessens

Posted on January 11 2019

Leather Laptop Convertible

I realized that each time I take my computer with me somewhere, my computer case would only fit my computer and nothing else!  Since most of my kids are getting older, I don’t need as much stuff as I used to.  But I still have to carry a phone, head phones, a couple of pens, my glasses, my driver’s license and my car keys.  And let’s not forget, my daily planner. Even though my life is on my Surface Pro and Google calendar, I need to make notes and make a check list of the things I must do every day, so I can cross them out and feel better about myself. I know, weird!                                                                                                             
So, I created one bag that would fit my Surface Pro and everything else above.

It is designed to fit a 13” laptop as well as my daily planer and a few folders. Since I already mentioned all the things I need to carry, I designed a pocket in the back that would fit it all.  This pocket includes a 7 ½” slip pocket and three pen holders.

Inspired by a traditional pocket envelope, I made it in four different leathers to choose from: a traditional and elegant black and brown leather from our Maxi Collection, our best seller snake print leather, and a pink and white checkered design which I am afraid has already sold out.                                                                         




And of course like many of the Days Eye handbags, they convert to a crossbody and a backpack.



So, this week I am doing a promo on all the PC bags.

Buy one of our PC collection bags and get 10% off and receive a free matching pair of earrings that retails for $18.


Offer ends Friday, January 18 11:59pm

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