Fall, Color and Day's Eye Handbags

Margarida Kessens

Posted on September 17 2018

Unique glamorous handcrafted leather design bags


September is here, and we are all looking for fall new clothes and accessories.

Do you know what is in fashion this fall?

Do you go to the store looking for something specific? or do you just look around to find something that catches your eye?

Whether you are looking for something in particular or not, you will find that all the stores have the same common factor: COLOR.

This past summer was all about yellow.  This fall the bright yellow just got duller.  Still a warm color to brighten us on those not so warm fall days, and we are thankful for that, but it is called Mustard.

Purple!  Yes, yes, it might remind us of the famous purple dinosaur “BARNEY”, remember him?  Well, that is the right purple for this season. There are a many shades of purple, and any will work just fine. It is not a warm color, but it is a color that makes you feel empowered and elegant which is what we like at Day’s Eye. Go purple!

Olive green has been in for a few seasons, but you can still find this shade of green in some amazing pieces, I would not put it away just yet.

Black, off course is always there.  When you don’t know what to wear, wear black and you will be fine. A very save option.

A new color is popping up slowly.  Not seeing so much of it yet, but more and more designers are showing it on the runways for fall/winter.  We are talking about WHITE. Is this a risky color­? Indeed, it is! Like red, this is a color that will make you stand along to impress the crowd.  

But what colors are you looking for in a handbag? Any of these colors would be amazing, but Day’s Eye this season decided to go a little more on the traditional side: timeless colors that can go with anything.  Designed having in mind our busy lives, our fall collection was introduced during the Kansas City Fashion Week back in March.

Check out the MAXI collection. We call it MAXI, because these amazing pieces can maximize your lifestyle. With a clutch that converts to crossbody. A tote that converts to crossbody and backpack.  And a Lap Top handbag that converts to crossbody and backpack. 

All three pieces come in black and brown.  This collection is sure to go with your new fall color palette.  Its clean, modern elegant look makes it to die for.  Now available at www.dayseye.us

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