Does your handbag limit your daily activities?

Margarida Kessens

Posted on October 11 2017

Does your handbag limit your daily activities?

The best handbag you can buy is the one you can make work with anything. You can wear it just as easily to the office as you can on the weekends.  You can wear it to dress up to work as well as juggling between kid's school and daily activities. Are you carrying a handbag that limits you of doing any of these? 

Did you ever consider of wearing a convertible handbag? A convertible handbag does not need to be a boring bag. How about if I tell you it can be luxurious, stylish and functional at the same time. Would you wear it? A perfect bag that you can wear as a backpack to take your kids to school. The same handbag that allows you to make an entrance carrying a satchel in your office elevator and can fit your lap top. The same handbag as a crossbody to help you to easily access your personal items.

This is Day's Eye Mini Polka Dot Satchel Convertible Handbag. A luxurious multipurpose convertible handbag that can fit your 15" laptop. Handcrafted in Spain, made of Genuine Leather. Mini Polka Dot Leahter Satchel Convertible Handbag


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