Why We Love a Convertible Backpack for Travel

Margarida Kessens

Posted on July 05 2018

Why We Love a Convertible Backpack for Travel

why we love a convertible backpack purse for travel

Why We Love a Convertible Backpack for Travel

You’ve just landed. Another work trip successfully completed. Thankfully you had easy flights, but your purse, that was another story.

Why is it always a struggle to find what you need, when you need it? You’ve gone through designer purse after the next, yet the design is never what you need.

Sound familiar? It’s a story we’ve heard too many times. You are a strong, confident woman but your purse is holding you back. You need a bag that will finally serve you, and all of your needs.

If this story sounds fitting, then trust us when we say, look no further. The Day’s Eye convertible backpack purse was designed for you. convertible backpack purse at the beach

A convertible backpack purse allows you to have both form and function when traveling. The Day’s Eye convertible backpack purse moves from style to style as you move through your day.

With three unique and useful conversions, you can have all your accessory needs fulfilled by one single bag. With interior pockets with zippers, pen and lipstick spots; you can easily move from the afternoon brainstorming session to dinner with executives and last call red eye to make it home to family.

All of it done with ease and style. No more digging and searching or struggling with ill-fitted straps.

You don’t settle for less anywhere in your life, so why do you keep settling with your handbag? That time is done.

You are ever-changing as a woman and it is time that your bag changes with you. From the subway to bike rides and jet-setting; the Day’s Eye convertible backpack purse fulfills all of your style and function needs. You control your future and the choice is easy.

Before your next trip; change the ending of your story. Invest in a convertible backpack now and you will thank yourself later. 

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