The Convertible Purse: Trés Chic or Passing Trend?

Margarida Kessens

Posted on July 17 2018

The Convertible Purse: Trés Chic or Passing Trend?

The Convertible Purse: Trés Chic or Passing Trend?

The Convertible Purse: Trés Chic or Passing Trend?

Convertible purses have been popping up on runways throughout the world. This single accessory has continued to turn heads and has the ability, if done correctly, to be functional and fashion-forward all in one.

Many of us may have thought this was just another passing trend, but as time goes by it looks like this is one accessory that people are begging to have stay around.

So, is it just another passing trend? Will this need for multi-function everything be old news in a season and just another trend that fades along with the summer tides? Not likely!

There is a reason that everyone is loving convertible purses. Fashion, function, beauty, supple leather…all in one? Is that even possible? Yes. With care and precision, at Day’s Eye, we carefully craft the most beautiful, and functional convertible handbags. Form and function can intercede.

We always have you in mind, at Day’s Eye, when crafting our luxuriously crafted bags. Our convertible purses our tailored to suit your life. All of our convertible bags are included with pockets to help further organize your life.

Our designs include interior key hooks, pen and lipstick pockets and even pockets with zippers. We understand that a handbag needs to serve you and your life.

A convertible purse flexes to your lifestyle and needs. From cross-body to backpack or handbag; a three in one bag allows you to effortlessly move through your day and life with beauty at your side.

We have carefully selected leathers and patterns that will be classic and timeless. With every bag purchase from Day’s Eye, we include a dust bag so that you can preserve these fine leathers for years to come.

With style this beautiful we understand that a bag like this is stunning enough to be heirloom quality.

This is one look that is working from trend to timeless. Don’t wait any longer to dive into this look, it is one that will last.

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