Kansas City Handbag Designs | Handcrafted in Spain

Margarida Kessens

Posted on July 17 2018

Kansas City Handbag Designs | Handcrafted in Spain

Kansas City Handbags

Kansas City Handbag Designs | Handcrafted in Spain

Artisan quality.

There is really no better or finer quality than an artisan created piece of work. From delicate chocolates to stunningly designed and created bread, and luxurious designer handbags. All of the finest things are done by artisans. It is the basis of luxury.
Handcrafted with function and luxury in mind, Day’s Eye handbags are carefully crafted by artisans in Barcelona, Spain. With the finest leathers from Spain and Italy, we keep quality in mind from start to finish.
We’ve partnered with artisans who are experienced and show their talent with every stitch they sew, and the bag they craft. They provide us with the true workmanship. We are so thankful for their skills and trust them to see our vision through.
Creativity and craftsmanship collide at Day’s Eye to bring you a truly beautifully crafted handbag, sold locally here in Kansas City.
With timeless pieces and heirloom quality, you can be sure of the quality you will receive is of the highest quality. Not only do we have a classic, traditional designs we also stay on the cutting edge of fashion with some of our most beloved designs, like our convertible handbags.
International and heirloom quality brought to you locally here in the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City.
Spanish and Italian leathers are of the highest quality in the world. By starting with the best materials first, we start off on the right foot from the very beginning. With fine leathers, artisan craftsmanship and a dedicated local retailer, you get the best shopping experience possible.
Day’s Eye is a true Kansas City gem and is a secret fashion weapon for all of our customers.
If you’re looking for quality and style and refresh for your accessory collection, then it is time for you to come visit us at Day’s Eye. It’s time to treat yourself to quality and luxury.
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